Conference Materials

Announcing the NACVA Events Mobile App—Your centralized hub for conference resources!

We’re excited to announce the NACVA Events mobile app where you will have up-to-the-minute information relating to the agenda, materials, faculty, feedback opportunities, attendee list, and more.  Download, Log In, and Explore the NACVA Events mobile app prior to arriving by following the directions below.

  1. Download the NACVA Events mobile app:
  • iPhone and iPad users—search “NACVA" on the Apple App Store (device needs to be running iOS version 10 or 11 to use the app)
  • Android users—search “NACVA" on the Google Play Store (device needs to be running Android version 5.0 or above to use app)
  • Windows, laptop users—go to this address (omit www):
  • For Apple iPhone and iPad users—if you have your device set to require your Apple ID when downloading apps, please be sure you are familiar with your Apple ID
  1. Log in to the NACVA Events mobile app. The app is password protected and you must log in first.
  • Enter your e-mail address
  • Enter the Password: Nacva2018 (case sensitive)
  • To change your password, click here
  1. Explore the NACVA Events mobile app.
  • Manage Your Account, review the Agenda, and more! 
  • Safeguard your CPE QR Code to comply with mandatory CPE Attendance Verification for every session you attend (Mandatory CPE Attendance Verification guidelines are detailed below)
  • Complete and submit the Session Evaluations for every session you attend through the NACVA Events app. 

Conference Materials

  • Electronic versions of the PowerPoints and related presentation materials are available when you click on each session (sessions without materials will be posted when available). Hardcopy materials will not be provided
  • Internet will be available throughout the conference floor and in guest rooms; but we suggest you download materials prior to arriving at conference as internet connectivity can sometimes be challenging
  • Charging stations will be limited so plan to come with your device(s) fully charged each day

Concurrent Course Materials

  • If you registered for Concurrent courses your materials are not contained within the NACVA Events app.
  • Materials for Concurrent courses will be e-mailed to registered attendees prior to the event.

Mandatory CPE Attendance Verification | Scanning Your CPE QR Code

  • To obtain CPE for every session you attend, in compliance with the standards of the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA), it is mandatory that CTI/NACVA verify your attendance
  • Have your CPE QR Code handy located on your name badge or NACVA Events mobile app. A CPE Deputy will be stationed at every session door and they must scan your QR code when you enter the session. This will verify your attendance ensuring you will receive CPE credit for that session
  • When editing your profile on the NACVA Events mobile app, leave your public profile as “on”; otherwise, your QR code cannot be scanned correctly
  • You are not required to pre-select the sessions you plan to attend.  CPE cannot be earned if your CPE QR Code is not scanned onsite for every session you attend
  • CPE Certificate(s) will be able to access and print 14 to 21 business days after the event by logging into the Member/Designee Portal on using your e-mail address and password
  • Click here for more details and answers to potential questions