Concurrent Courses

Current Update in Valuations (CUV)

December 10, 2018

Essential Updates on Recent Valuation Trends, Techniques, and Opinions

The primary objective of this interactive course is to deliver training and tools for you to produce a strong, defensible work product that will lead to increased confidence in your opinions. The course provides critical education from the foundation up by revisiting the core body of knowledge for business valuations.

The course incorporates “what’s new” in the valuation industry and relates it to the everyday practical work product. It weaves current and ongoing developments and the essentials outlined in Revenue Ruling 59-60 with a comprehensive understanding of recent valuation trends, techniques, and opinions. It promotes active discussion between the instructors and attendees encompassing a wide range of topics, including: practice development, financial statement analysis, cost of capital, valuation approaches, discounts and premiums, federal and state case law, an update on industry and professional standards, calculation and conclusion of value, roles valuators play, and valuation report analysis.

Recert Bonus Program


This course qualifies for 12 bonus points toward NACVA credentialed member recertification, in addition to course CPE.

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Business Valuation Certification and Training Center (CVA® Credentialing Program)

December 10–15, 2018

Understanding and applying the generally accepted business valuation methodologies and approaches, and adhering to professional standards that govern the business valuation profession, will put you in a stronger position to better serve your clients.

Gain credibility in the business community and demonstrate competency to the courts by achieving a certification in business valuation.

The Business Valuation Certification and Training Center (BVTC) offered live in cities throughout the U.S., live online, or through self-study, delivers the most comprehensive and complete foundational training teaching to the body of knowledge on how to value private business enterprises. The training prepares attendees to pass any business valuation certification exam offered in the profession; particularly the CVA designation offered by NACVA. 

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Financial Litigation Consulting Professionals Workshop

December 10–15, 2018
The highest growth areas in financial litigation are subject to their own variables that define the financial litigation consultant’s role in the matter and the scope of analysis. Further, the legal theories underlying the various types of financial litigation focus on key statutes and case law that define the scope of damages. Command of these fundamental concepts are key to producing credible financial litigation support services that will withstand the challenges of the litigation environment.

The Financial Litigation Consulting Professionals Workshop utilizes state-of-the-art training techniques to maximize learning and retention, teaches to the body of knowledge for financial litigation, and prepares attendees to pass the Master Analyst in Financial Forensics® (MAFF®) proctored exam:
  • Methodologies and approaches for calculating damages
  • Financial investigative and forensic accounting techniques
  • Skills development for communicating with judges, attorneys, and juries
  • Specialty areas of financial litigation practice


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Intermediate Business Valuation Training Center

December 11–13, 2018

The Intermediate Business Valuation Training Center (Intermediate BVTC) is designed to expand on theories and methods taught in the Business Valuation Certification and Training Center. This program provides practical skills, covering all aspects of a typical engagement—from engagement acceptance through report delivery—and provides in-depth coverage of the latest theories as they relate to:

  • Valuation approaches
  • Reconciliation of values
  • Discounts and premiums
  • Practice management 

The Intermediate BVTC benefits both newly-credentialed valuators, as well as seasoned practitioners, looking to bolster their skills and efficiencies. All practitioners will come away with the skills required to both create and maintain a thriving valuation practice.

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Broadcast Live online broadcast from this location is also available.

Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) Workshop

December 11–13, 2018

Strategies and Tools to Grow, Enhance, Harvest, and Protect Your Client's Company Value

This workshop has been designed to provide attendees with the practical knowledge, strategies, and tools to assist their clients—whether internal or external—on how to grow, optimize, and protect their company’s value, and position them for a successful exit. This workshop shifts the emphasis of previous mergers and acquisitions (M&A) training programs from transactioncentric to shareholder value-centric where the M&A transaction is a “means to an end” rather than the “end” itself. It also explores how changing regulations are reshaping the middle-market M&A environment and provides corporate advisers, such as consulting practices and CPA firms, a systematic approach to grow revenues and differentiate their service offering.

This workshop is designed to be a perfect complement to other valuation and exit planning training offered by the CTI.

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Advanced Valuation: Applications and Models Workshop

December 11–12, 2018

This workshop is based on the 2017 editions of Jim Hitchner’s Financial Valuation Applications and Models and Financial Valuation Workbook. The workshop includes an in-depth case study and detailed report which will take you to a new, advanced level of understanding business valuation and provide practical tools, data, and models attendees can use immediately in their practice. Taught by a team of nationally recognized valuation analysts, the instructors collaborate with attendees to share the most effective valuation procedures and real-world applications in the field of financial valuation. The instructors teach the theory, but also demonstrate how to apply the theory and appropriate models.

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Expert Witness Bootcamp

December 13–15, 2018

Each attendee will participate as a testifying and consulting expert in a trial involving financial testimony or family law issues. Attendees will learn the art of delivering effective testimony and how to withstand grueling crossexamination. As consulting experts, attendees will learn how to dissect and critique the reports and opinions of the testifying experts and how to prepare counsel for the expert segments of trial. Each attendee will be coached and guided by members of our faculty of seasoned experts and trial attorneys. The bootcamp culminates in a courtroom setting during which each program attendee, as a testifying expert, presents and defends his or her own expert opinions on the witness stand.

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Discounts for Lack of Marketability (DLOM) Workshop

December 13, 2018

The calculation of discounts for lack of marketability (DLOM) can be a complex, confusing task. In this workshop, we will help attendees simplify the process and increase confidence in performing their calculations by exploring the studies, databases, models, and methods used in the DLOM process.

The main feature of this workshop will be the presentation (by the authors) of the new Valuation Products and Services (VPS) Discount for Lack of Marketability Guide, along with detailed case studies. The new models include the VPS Restricted Stock Study Quintile Calculator (RSQC), which enables the user to adjust for differences in risk/volatility, holding periods, dividends, and Mandelbaum-type factors. The case study will also include a comprehensive look at various calculators, models, and templates.

The workshop will cover an examination of legacy restricted stock benchmark, pre-IPO studies, inspect analytical methods, and several well-known databases, including: FMV Opinions detailed restricted stock database, Pluris detailed restricted stock database, and Valuation Advisors detailed pre-IPO database.

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